Good-consciousness (Spirit), Character (Soul), Wisdom (Mind, wellness and body)

Creekside International School is a Centre of Excellence for value based education. Creekside International School aims to make the children, models of learning, equip and inculcate various skills in order to help them become responsible citizens of today and among those who bring a positive change in the upcoming generations.

We at Creekside International School believe that a human being’s viewpoint about life must lead him/her to behave in accordance with the Divine Guidance. Since the educational objective of mankind does not reflect its purpose of life, we intend to create an awareness of the same in the society. Our objective is the objective of education i.e., Character development. The Fitrah (intrinsic nature) already exists in a child, hence, for us education is a process of unfolding and bringing out more than the process of instilling and pouring in.