MATHEMATICS : Number 21 – 30 (oral), Numbers 5 – 10 (written), More than, less than, recap of heavy and light, Shapes (rectangle, triangle), count and colour, count and write.
ENGLISH : Prewriting strokes (written), small n to z (written), Phonics (a to z), Vocabulary (a to z) oral
EVS : Things in my house, Fruits I eat, Vegetable I eat, The food I like to eat.
STORY : Recap of the lion and mouse, the monkey and the cap seller.
ISLAMIC STUDIES : Recap of Dua before eating, Dua before drinking milk, Dua after eating, Dua going before washroom, Dua after leaving washroom, Dua before sleeping
ARABIC : Recap Alif – Jeem, Alif - haa