The school annual event is scheduled for this week …..

Academic Calender Year 2017 - 2018

Ramadaan Day celebrated at Creekside

Sports meet scheduled in the month of January


The school conducts co-curricular activities which are aimed to awaken interest and build self confidence contributing to all round development of the child. Arts & Crafts, Painting, Needle Work, Clay Modeling, Pottery, Gardening, Personality Development, Spoken English and Debate etc. are some of the Co-curricular activities planned for the academic year.

Value of this Month: Truthfulness

In the Value of the month, teachers and school organize their values education program by using a month-long value theme. Each month, the school focuses on one core value. This program provides the scchool with a value based theme for each month. Teachers are requested and xpected to find teachable moments or opportunities to incorporate the month’s theme into the curriculum including language arts, social studies, science and islamic studies. Teachers and students are encouraged to find and create stories, poems, songs and art work that tie into the month’s value theme.